The Love Your Tummy Reset Programme

This programme is for you if...
  • Bloating, constipation, or other annoying symptoms are getting in the way of your life.
  • Your confused about what to eat and are unsure which foods are a problem for you.
  • You want to be able to get your symptoms under control, feel good about your body and have more energy. 
  • You wan't someone there to guide you and give you lots of support.
How this programme can help you...
  • Get some immediate and fast relief from your symptoms using colon cleansing treatments.
  • Learn which foods are a problem for you and find out how to manage your symptoms so that your in control.
  • Make positive lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle that will help you reach your ideal weight rather than a fad diet. 
What you will get:
  1. Food Intolerance testing to help you find out what your problem foods are.
  2. Step by step reset plan specially designed to help you to make the changes needed to improve your symptoms, feel healthier and have more energy. 
  3. A course of 3 colonic hydrotherapy treatments, including herbal infusions to help you to get immediate relief from your symptoms and reset the gut. 
  4. Online support and guidance to help guide you through the process and ask an expert about anything you are unsure about. 

So what are you waiting for?

Book a FREE consultation now and get started on your journey to feeling fantastic again!

Includes a full consultation and 20 minute abdominal massage with essential oils to give you a taster of what the colonic treatments involve.