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How working with the cycles of your body can help you be more productive

Ever try to create a new project or idea and are seemingly completely blocked? Yet a week later when your focusing on working your current job you are suddenly spilling over with ideas but haven't the time to write them down?! Perhaps you find yourself reflective and slowed down, wanting to be alone but you have a important presentation to deliver and wishing you didn't have to... This could be why. All things are influenced by cycles.. life cycles, seasonal cycles, moon cycles... we all experience them constantly but often we fail to take notice. Women also have another cycle to listen to, our reproductive cycles. I have noticed more and more that if I plan my work and life (where possible) around the phases and associated strengths at each phase of my cycle I am more productive...less stressed... more able to create, learn and produce!! Why ?! Because we are NOT designed to be constant. Nothing else in life is constant so why should we be? Why should we expect our energy to be constant or desires to be constant and our productivity to be constant and the same continuously?! It's a subject that fascinates me. I challenge you for 1 month to record your feelings emotions and productivity levels and discover that working with rather than against your natural cycles can be a complete GAME CHANGER !!! Let me know your thoughts...


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