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Why eating more fruit and fibre isn't helping your constipation !

You've been to the doctors with long term constipation or sluggish bowel movements and they have recommended you eat more fibre cereal.. good advice right? Not always...

Imagine a drainpipe, blocked from waste that has gathered over time.. what do you do? You certainly are not going to push more and more solid waste into that drain hoping that it will eventually push out the blockage are you? No of course not, the best thing to use is water and some sort of solvent to dissolve the hard waste that is stuck there so that things can run smoothly again.

The colon is no different... a blocked colon is full with hard dehydrated stool and adding more dry hard 'fibre' on top of this is just going to make matters worse in most cases! There is nothing wrong with eating a diet rich in fibre, it's good for us however first we need to make sure the blockage is cleared and we are able to process all of the fibre we put in!

The best way to do this is using colon cleansing (colon hydrotherapy) treatments.The treatments use pure filtered water to soften and remove old hardened stools. Usually a short course of treatments will completely clear the colon of hard dry stool leaving it free to move as it should, strengthening the muscles and allowing it to absorb more nutrients.

Using easy to implement diet or lifestyle changes along with a few beneficial supplements like probiotics can transform how your gut is functioning, restore regularity and help you to feel yourself again.

To talk to a digestive health expert and find out if colonic treatments could benefit you, click here to book a complementary consultation with us.



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