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could negative self talk be causing your digestive symptoms?

How improving positive self talk could help ease your digestive symptoms and IBS...

Do you ever notice how you talk to yourself and your gut?

Have you ever cursed or told off your tummy for it's diva like behaviour ?

In 2010 a new discovery showed that our gut contains neuro transmitters just like those found in the brain... this means that our gut is kind of like an extension of our mind. It can receive real time information from our brain and reacts immediately!

So what does this mean for our gut health and digestive symptoms?

If when we express negative self talk and negative feelings our gut is listening and behaving badly then perhaps expressing positive self talk will help our gut to respond positively? !

Meditation and mindset work is one of the most powerful tools I have used to improve my badly behaved gut! Meditation allows us to tune into the connection between our gut and and our mind and purposely send messages of love, forgiveness and positivity to our gut neuro receptors. The outcome is a happier more relaxed gut and a calmer you!

Want to find out more about how meditation could help you calm your IBS and digestive symptoms?

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