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Could an unknown food intolerance be stopping you from reaching your full potential?

If you have an allergy you probably know about it. We all know someone who is highly allergic to something; nuts, shellfish, strawberries, bee stings the list is endless. An allergy of this kind will have a strong reaction on the body causing swelling and anaphylactic shock.

However the less severe but ongoing symptoms of food intolerance can have a much greater effect on our lives and we often never realise that there is a problem. Sypmtoms continue for so long that we get used to how we feel and feeling less than 100% becomes normal.

Food intolerances can cause symptoms such as fatigue, constipation, IBS, excema, blepharitis (watery, sore eyes), headaches, depression, anxiety and a whole list of other minor but ongoing symptoms.

These sort of symptoms cause many people to struggle in thier daily lives. We cannot reach our full potential if our bodies are constantly fighting to deal with the very thing we are trying to fuel it with.

One client of mine had spent the majority of her life with severe constipation only going once or twice a fortnight, her tummy was painful to the touch and she felt uncomfortable and tired all the time with regular migraines. I did a food intolerance test for her and it showed that she was intolerant to dairy and wheat. After some colonic treatments and removing these things from her diet she now goes to the toilet every day feels healthier, happier and in control of her life.

Don't let food intolerances hold you back!

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